Ripped Skinny Jeans - Black

  • Skinny Jeans Description
  • Skinny jeans surged into popularity in the mid-2000’s and have not fallen out of demand since. It’s easy to see why. This style not only accentuates the legs, but it also emphasizes other parts of the wardrobe. However, Holder Barcelona’s skinny jeans are designed to be their own focal point. With durable denim and stylish rips, these skinny jeans go well with extravagant tops as well as plain ones. 
  • Roll up the hems or wear them long. Wear with sneakers, loafers, or oxfords. Quiet night in with the significant other? Wear them alone. These high-quality, low-fuss jeans are made to emphasize you and you alone. 
  • our skinny jeans come in a range of sizes and styles. Colors include black, classic blue denim, and light blue denim. Pants sizes start at 28 and extend to 34. As with all our products, these skinny jeans are exclusive to Holder Barcelona. Don’t be caught without them.

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