• HB – I Grind I Hustle Tee Shirt

 You’re street-savvy and smart. You turn heads as you walk by, and you’re the life of the crowd. But you’re no pushover, and your style says that. You’re 100% unique, and you have the goods to show it. The words “I grind, I hustle” blaze across your chest as a sign of who you really are – someone who never gives up and doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • Say what you really mean with this eye-catching graphic tee shirt available from Holder Barcelona. White cotton offsets the bright red graphic print of the tee shirt. Black letters make up the slogan that becomes you. Shirts come in a range of sizes extending to XXL, so that customers from all walks of life can advertise their true style. 

Shirt Fabric is made of cotton blend, making this shirt perfect to dress up with a suit jacket or just perfect to wear around town. The shirt is a slim fit, ending at most people’s waist. However, this shirt works perfectly over your jeans and is not too snug around your waist or arms. 

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