Flex Fit T-shirt - Black

  • Flex-Fit Tee Shirt Descriptions
  • Who says wearing a brand doesn’t make you unique? These Holder Barcelona exclusive tee shirts are designed to highlight the person wearing them. A classic design with a brand-name twist, these tees flaunt the round-neckline and slim fit look. Designed to be form-fitting without skimping on comfort, these cotton-blend tees are perfect for wearing with a pair of designer jeans or as an accessory to a beachfront visit. 
  • “Flex Fit” is synonymous with comfort and style. Intended to fit a range of body types while making you look your best, these tees are a great way to flaunt what you’ve got. Tees come in a variety of colors including red, white, blue, black, and grey. The Holder Barcelona logo is embellished on the front, but don’t worry. You’ve got this look. It’s all about you.
  • Sizes range from men’s small to men’s extra-large. 

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