Black Neoprene Sweater

  • Black Neoprene Sweater Description
  • Hip, sleek, and modern – three words that say it all when it comes to this sweater. Maintain a sporty and stylish look with this classic-fit, black neoprene sweater. Use it for general wear or for exercise. Pair with jeans or a pair of workout shorts --- any way you end up wearing it will leave you above them all on the fashion runway. 

Neoprene fabric is the main fabric of this sweater. It is versatile and provides excellent comfort, windbreaking ability, and water resistance – perfect for a run on a foggy, rainy day or just to take the chill out of winter while still looking hip. While some weatherproofed fabric contains allergy-producing material like latex, our neoprene fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning there is no chance of an allergic reaction with these as you step out looking your best. Comfortable, water-resistant, yet breathable fabric makes this look a must-have.
  • The sweater features the iconic Holder Barcelona logo on the front in red. The sweater fits comfortably around the torso and arms, leaving room to move around. Tapered, elastic waistline and wrist cuffs make it easy to adjust the sweater into different styles. Sizes range from men’s small to men’s extra-large,