About HB

My journey to discover my identity

My name is Iwan Holder, and I am the founder of HB, which stands for Holder Barcelona.
As a young entrepreneur I went from the Netherlands to live in Barcelona to achieve my dreams. I pretty soon realized that I needed to discover who I really was in order to brand myself. On my journey to discover my identity, I first had to discover who my biological father is. This resulted in establishing a relationship with my dad and taking his last name: Holder.

Especially during this period in my life I learned the value of the clothing which I wore at certain special moments in my life. These special items remind me of my strength and preservation (during the hard times), which eventually led to me reaching my goals in life.

With HB I want to empower other strong, persevering and progressive people in their own personal branding process.

HB's goal and your personal branding

By providing authentic luxury street wear which is both unique and fashionable HB wants to empower you to always keep fighting to achieve your goals and to make your life journey very special and absolutely striking. We at HB passionately believe that every person should try to connect with one's true self. We also believe that every struggle in life will lead to something new, something beautiful. HB's high quality and authentic luxury street wear is specifically tailored to enhance your life experiences and to empower you to express yourself in a unique, fashionable and unforgettable way.